Welcome to SpaceReference.org. The purpose of this site is to catalog and showcase every known object in space. We've started with asteroids and comets but this open-source project is being quickly expanded.

SpaceDB compiles data from the NASA/JPL Small Body Database, the IAU Minor Planet Center, and the NASA/JPL Center for Near Earth Object Studies.

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Asteroids and Comets

We've organized hundreds of thousands celestial objects into these categories below for your perusal.

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Object Classifications

The two most noteworthy classifications for asteroids are "Near Earth Asteroid" (NEA) and "Potentially Hazardous Asteroid" (PHA). Despite the names, neither classification indicates any direct danger to Earth. Learn more about various NEO groups here.


  • Asteroids with known shapes - these asteroids have been mapped by light curve inversion, radar, or flybys. Click through to see 3D models.

The categories below are orbital classifications as defined by NASA PDS: